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The original village of Keri, located up the hills, remains really traditional, allowing a real insight into the traditional Greek way of life with its rich cultural values and traditional folk singing, as well as being one of the prettiest places on the island. Keri Beach is part of the National Sea Park conservation area which protects the endangered species of the loggerhead turtles "caretta-caretta", which nest in the area.

  Marathonissi island.  
  The waterfront of Keri Beach is dotted with tavernas, shops, cafes and bars. The small harbour shelters local fishing boats and day trip boats that offer trips to the stunning Keri Caves and the little island of Marathonissi (Turtle Island).  
  View of a narrow street at Keri village (5km from Keri Beach).  
  The perfect blend of tradition and culture alongside the natural beauty of the countryside makes Keri one of the highest quality tourist destinations on the island.  
  The coastal ridges and the open Ionian sea beyond cape Keri.  
  Zakynthos! Zante, "Fioro di Levante" (Flower of the East), according to the Italians. Zakynthos is a small, extremely beautiful island, at the south-western part of Greece, in the Ionian Sea. It is part of the complex "Eptanissa" (Seven Islands) which comprises of Zakynthos, Kerkyra (Corfu), Cephalonia, Paxi, Ithaki and Kythira... The uniquely beautiful natural environment of the island, its mild and sweet climate all the year-round, and the serene way of life of its inhabitants have made Zakynthos the cradle of some of the most famous artists and literary personalities of Greece, including the National poet Dionyssios Solomos. Hugo Foskolo, the Greek-Italian poet, was also born in Zakynthos. Andreas Kalvos, the famous Zakynthian poet, who lived and taught most of his life in England, full of nostalgia for his beloved island, writes in one of his poems:

Long-live Ausonia,
long-live old Albion (London),
long-live the victorious Paris,
Beautiful and unique Zakynthos
has conquered me over...

  Crystal blue water and natural caves at Kryfo, near Keri village.  
  Moreover, many writers, painters, sculptors, composers, etc. were born, lived, and flourished in Zakynthos; some of their creations can be seen and admired at the Museum in the town of Zakynthos. Zakynthos, moreover, is "home" of some rare species of sea animals, mammals, and birds. In this regard, the famous sea-turtle "caretta-caretta" is visiting the island every year to lay its eggs into the clean, sandy, hot beaches of Zakynthos. Also, the rare species of the sea-seal "monachus-monachus" lives on the sea-rocks and crystal-clear waters of western Zakynthos. It is for the protection of these rare species and other fish and sea animals that the southern part of Zakynthos (the Gulf of Laganas) has been declared as the National Sea Park of Zakynthos.  
  Vineyard plantation, olive-groves, and pine-forests near Keri village.  
  One of the most beautiful places in Zakynthos is the village of Keri and its surrounding environment, which is part of the National Sea Park. A wonderful combination of beaches, high sea-cliffs with "private" small and clean beaches, pine-forests, wonderful landscapes, velvet sunsets -The second most beautiful sunset in Greece- friendly, serene, and hospitable inhabitants, with strong local traditions, romantic music-lovers ("kantades") and tasty local cuisine, with envi-ronmentally friendly small-scale agriculture, olive-groves, vineyards and fruit-orchards.  
  Panoramic view to the ionian sea and the Myzithres rocks.  
  The blue caves.  
  Ship building at Zakynthos town port.  
  The shipwreck.  
  Zakynthos port. St, Dennis Church and Monastery.  
  Baby caretta-caretta sea turtle rushing to the sea after hatching the egg.  
  The Turtle Island as seen from the hills behind.  
  On the beach!  
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